The Recipe for a Successful Team Building.

An Original Idea for a Successful Team Building!

You could be looking for an original idea for a successful Team Building.

Seminars are an ideal opportunity to convey a company’s strategies, visions and challenges. They also allow to build team spirit and to strengthen professional relationships. When a seminar is well organized, the results can be impressive, allowing to revive the motivation of the employees and thus increase productivity.

Ideal Activity for Team Building!

Relaxation activities are essential to the success of a seminar because they allow the group to have fun and exchange ideas, all in a pleasant environment and an atmosphere of trust. A bike outing is the ideal way to unify a group, the best way to spend half a day in a cheerful mood, to combine fun, cultural discovery and sports activities.

Bordeaux is ranked the 3rd most cycle-friendly city in France with more than 160 kilometres of bike paths.

Cycling not only allows you to discover the city in an original and fun way but also to do so in complete safety, thanks to perfectly adapted infrastructures.

Bordeaux Bike Tour offers you a tailor-made outing thanks to Jean-Christophe, a lover of Bordeaux and its history. He grew up in the Chartons district, famous for its history in wine trading. You will embark on a beautiful adventure, always in a friendly setting. You will discover the different districts of the city and learn about the history of Bordeaux.

The tour lasts between 2 to 3 hours, taking us along the river and on the right bank. Several stops are of course on the program, sometimes for a simple moment of relaxation or a photo break, but also for a small tasting of a local speciality.

An Amazing Trip for a Successful Team Building

The best of Bordeaux by Bike offers you a walk in the heart of a city where pedestrians and bicycles are king, 90% of the trail is car-free, making the ride peaceful without the noise and stress of cars, in short a pure moment of relaxation and happiness.

The meeting point is located in the heart of Bordeaux, the bikes are Beach Cruiser models perfectly adapted to the city and its streets and they are of a superb comfort. We will cross the different authentic districts of the city, its pretty squares, its magnificent public garden and many other places often inaccessible by car or on foot.

This ride combines culture, discovery, and simple pleasure in a friendly atmosphere, the perfect cocktail for everyone’s pleasure.

Bordeaux, an Ideal Place For a successful Team Building :

Large cities are often among the destinations chosen for corporate seminars, and of these cities, Bordeaux is without a doubt the ideal choice. The best choice for a great Team Building activity.

In terms of climate, Bordeaux is a sunny city, close to the ocean and the Bay of Arcachon with its famous Dune du Pilat (less than an hour away). This seaside destination and its dune are famous all over the world. It is near impossible to go to Arcachon without climbing the dune du Pilat and admiring the exceptional view of the Arcachon basin and the ocean from the top of its 105 meters. It is also an ideal place to enjoy the many restaurants on the seafront, and why not taste the famous oysters of the Basin.

While being a city on a human scale, Bordeaux has the largest urban centre in the world that is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its 347 monuments. Bordeaux offers a treasure trove of classical architecture, a true 18th century showcase!

Come and experience the wine capital with the largest vineyards in the world, with so many opportunities to change the scenery by discovering the different regions and wine appellations that surround the city. The region has more than 7,000 castles (châteaux), some of which are Grands Crus Classés, located on the outskirts of the city.

For example, this is the case with the prestigious Château Pape Clément Grand Cru Classé de Graves.  Here lies a castle that Bordeaux Bike Tour proposes you discover, always by bike, a great way to get out of the city and explore the peaceful paths and vineyards of Graves located just a few kilometres from the city centre. On the program, visit the Château and its secular park, tasting some wines such as the prestigious Pope Clement, Grand Cru classé de Graves in 1953.

It is also in Bordeaux that you will have the opportunity to visit the Cité du Vin, the largest museum in the world dedicated to wine. Culminating at 55m high, with a surface area of 13350 meters squared, the museum offers you a continuous journey through the history of wine, a cultural heritage.

Bordeaux is also a mecca for French gastronomy with more than 1800 restaurants and several starred chefs. It is also the city with the most restaurants per inhabitant. It is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the many terraces located in the heart of the historic centre, some of which are located on one of the pretty little squares.

In terms of accommodation capacity, the city has nearly 250 hotels and all the necessary infrastructure for congresses and other gatherings. Ideal places for Groups and Companies.

Finally, you should know that Bordeaux was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, and elected the world’s trendiest city in 2017 by Lonely Planet, the world leader in travel guides.

As for Bordeaux Bike Tour and Jean-Christophe, they are ranked number 1 on TripAdvisor for visits to Bordeaux by bike!

As you can see, Bordeaux offers you all the ingredients for a successful Team Building!

Great Ride with Such nice Group.