ideal outing activity in Bordeaux

Ideal family outing in Bordeaux.

Cycling, the ideal outing for the whole family in Bordeaux.

When you travel as a family, with children between 6 and 12 years old and/or teenagers, you are obviously looking for the best possible ideas for ideal outings for the whole family.

The most difficult thing is without a doubt finding entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone. For young people we have to think of fun activities, where the children can have a good time, develop themselves, and if possible, combine the entertainment part with the cultural aspect, for example by making them discover the history of a city, a region, a district or a monument.

Finding an occupation that is at once cultural, familial, convivial and allows each member of the family to have fun can seem very complicated.

In reality, it is often enough to think of the most simple activities that everyone likes, such as cycling!

Indeed, among the favourite leisure activities of both young and older children, where everyone can find what they want, the bicycle remains without hesitation the ideal choice. It allows you to be with your family in the open air, all while practicing a sporting activity without necessarily requiring a physical challenge. Cycling is always enjoyable, a leisure activity appreciated by all, which offers a sense of adventure, an essential element to explore for children who need to exercise.  Additionally, there are numerous benefits of cycling .

Discover Bordeaux by bike with your family.

Ready for a lovely outing family on the bike!

Discovering Bordeaux is the main objective when one arrives in this beautiful city for the first time. Today, the bicycle is the most fun, unusual and enjoyable way to discover the city, thanks in particular to the city’s layout which is perfectly adapted to two-wheeled traffic, making Bordeaux one of the cities in France graced with the best bicycle paths.

Over the years, the city has ridden itself of the urban traffic that most large cities have to contend with.

What people love when they’re riding through the heart of Bordeaux by bike is the peace and quiet- the feeling of having the city all to themselves. You feel safe and secure in the almost total absence of traffic. It has become possible to circulate in all the districts, to cross the river via the two bridges and enjoy the pretty right bank promenade, with its magnificent view of the city and its 18th century facades.

Along the Garonne, there are only bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, and facilities for everyone’s enjoyment, such as the Saint Michel sports park with its beach volleyball, basketball and hockey fields.

Enjoying the paths along the river Garonne!

Cruising this path is like walking through a giant open-air postcard. You pass in front of the water mirror where both young and old love to have fun, refreshing themselves or taking pictures. Further on are groups of young people sitting on the grass enjoying the sweetness of a beautiful sunny day, often listening to music. Some are having picnics, others are doing acrobatic tricks with their skates or rollerblades.

These kilometres of pathways always offer the same face of a lively city, where life is enjoyed, with pedestrians strolling along the docks, cyclists riding their bikes, people sitting on benches chatting or others resting on the lawns.

On the left bank and in the town center, there is still a good surprise waiting for you – the alleys are lined with stone houses that bear witness to the architectural richness of the classical period.

These streets are quiet, ideal for a leisurely bike ride, with hardly any cars, and you are seduced at every corner by the beauty of the city, its squares full of restaurants and terraces, its churches, mansions and listed monuments.

It is impossible to cross Bordeaux other than by bicycle with such ease in such a short time. You can get to the four corners of the city without having to worry about traffic, something unimaginable with public transport, by car or even on foot as this would take too much time.

You want to stop at all the pretty squares, sit on a bench and watch the Bordeaux life in the middle of this huge and unique urban space, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Great Outing with Lovely American Family!

An additional reason for choosing a bike to visit Bordeaux is that you can cover all or almost all of this classified area.

It is ideal to do this at the beginning of your stay, as it allows you to identify the places that are close to your heart and that you want to explore further, places where you would want to come back with the whole family for your next outing.

Ideal Bike Outing in Bordeaux with Jean-Christophe.

Bordeaux Bike Tour offers you the ideal cocktail for a family bike outing, discovering the city while having fun, in a friendly atmosphere, combining outdoor activities, cultural and historical discoveries.

Jean-Christophe welcomes you at the adorable little Raymond Colom square located in the heart of old Bordeaux. Here you will discover perfectly the shaped bikes for your city walks – Beach Cruiser models.

With their retro style, they are above all impressively comfortable and appreciated by everyone, especially with a saddle that will delight ladies and people who are not necessarily used to riding bicycles. They are all equipped with baskets, and each participant has the possibility to wear a helmet.  You will be given a stainless steel water bottle to use during the tour and a poncho in case of risk of showers.

Everything has been thought for your comfort and well being.

Visit of Bordeaux with Jean-Christophe 2019!

The ride is anything but a race with a stopwatch, there is no reason to hesitate, it is within everyone’s reach – in short, this ride is yours.

With Jean-Christophe you will have a perfect balance between a fun outdoor outing and a cultural opportunity  where you can learn all about the history of Bordeaux.

The tour offers stops where everyone can relax, take a family photo, listen to explanations and sometimes taste a local sweet speciality. Simplicity and friendliness are the key words, the best way to feel comfortable and enjoy this moment of conviviality as you travel through the most beautiful districts of Bordeaux.

The tour lasts about 2 hour and 30 minutes, it takes us along the Garonne river on the right bank with the crossing of the wonderful Pont de Pierre bridge.

We then return to the left bank to cross the historic centre of the city, its various atypical districts, its narrow streets, squares, churches and monuments.

The walk will be punctuated by stops, sometimes relatively short and sometimes a little longer depending on the desires of each and the points of interest of everyone onsite. We will take a relaxing break at the Jardin Public, a green space composed of English gardens completely designed with strolling in mind, in the heart of the city centre, the ideal place to rest or simply admire the magnificent lawns, trees and plants.

The return trip is made through the famous Chartrons district, then along the river with the famous Water Mirror.

In total, you will have covered about 12km, a distance that would be difficult to cover on foot. The words that are often heard at the end of the visit are “great, magnificent, great, thank you very much, it was terrific”, in short a magical moment where the whole family will be delighted.

Most of the people were surprised by the ease with which you can cycle around Bordeaux, they were also and above all happy to spend a moment all together learning about history in a fun and friendly way. They don’t hesitate to let TripAdvisor know about it and it helps a lot for other travellers to find a unique activity to do as a family.

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride…!