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ideal outing activity in Bordeaux

Ideal family outing in Bordeaux.

Cycling, the ideal outing for the whole family in Bordeaux. When you travel as a family, with children between 6 and 12 years old and/or teenagers, you are obviously looking for the best possible ideas for ideal outings for the whole family. The most difficult thing is without a doubt finding entertainment that can be […]

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The Recipe for a Successful Team Building.

An Original Idea for a Successful Team Building! You could be looking for an original idea for a successful Team Building. Seminars are an ideal opportunity to convey a company’s strategies, visions and challenges. They also allow to build team spirit and to strengthen professional relationships. When a seminar is well organized, the results can […]

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Birth of Bordeaux Bike Tour..

Transformation of the city, creation of bicycle paths and tourism development: Jean-Christophe Malige, manager and founder of Bordeaux Bike Tour. Passionate about the city of Bordeaux and its history. I discovered Bordeaux in 1972, which was still known at that time as “The Sleeping Beauty”. Like many cities after the war, the tramway ceded its […]

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Looking for the best way to visit Bordeaux ?

Bordeaux is a must to visit by bike! If some cities are ideal for cycling, Bordeaux is definitely one of them. This is the best way to visit Bordeaux ! Ranked sixth in the world for most cyclable city in 2017, and third in France, Bordeaux boasts over 200 kilometers of bike lanes reserved solely […]

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