Life is a journey, make the most of the trip

I discovered Bordeaux in 1974, when it was still in its “sleeping beauty” period; a grimy, polluted, congested, black city.

Bordeaux awakened in the 1990s, following an ambitious redevelopment programme whose stroke of genius was to return the city’s focus to the river - its true central and historic axis - transforming the riverfronts into scenic and lively walkways.

At the same time, the renovation of the historic centre was launched; the restauration of our monuments, the cleaning of the facades and, of course, the new tramway which allowed the redirection of traffic and reinvention of our neighbourhoods.

It was in light of this rebirth that Bordeaux became listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007. In 2017 Lonely Planet nominated Bordeaux as the world's best city to visit!

This is the Bordeaux that is accessible to us today, the Bordeaux whose history I will introduce you to, by bike, as we stroll through its cobbled streets, discover its architectural treasures, charming squares, terraces, fountains, public gardens and possibly some hidden, out-of-the-way places that will enchant you.




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